Siyavaya Tours

We live once so enjoy your life


Lindiwe Mhlanga at Barberton

I and a group of friends have been travelling on tours arranged by Siyavaya Tour since 2011 and l must say they are just incredible. The prices are affordable and their hospitality makes one look forward to the next holiday excurtion. l am looking forward to the next exciting trip which l for one am positive that l will enjoy.  Siyavaya Tour caters for anyone in South Africa though they are based in Ermelo l am atestimony cos l stay in Barberton but when lm with them you will think lm also from Ermelo there is no discrimination.

Lindiwe Maseko Ermelo

I never thought that one day I would ever take a holiday, but Siyavaya tours made this possible for me by introducing an affordable packages to choose from. They are well organized and ensuring that you reach places that you would never have seen alone in your lifetime. Ever since I travel with them they are offering a free DVD for long lasting memories of each destination completed. As long as I can live I will never part ways with them. I like their slogan "we live once so enjoy your life" Keep it up guys.